In a time of distancing and ever changing regulations, feelings of the human spirit are in full force! People still fall in and out of love. Days and nights still clamor by. One moment you may be filled with joy, while the next, you are crying as you watch the grass grow. Grab your mask, keep a cows distance apart, and head to the theater to enjoy memorable, classic music, some much needed laughter and little stories woven in between

the grooves of this "Socially Distanced Cabaret!"


Saturday, 8/22 @1pm, 4pm, 7pm

Sunday, 8/23 @1pm, 4pm

Saturday, 8/29 @1pm, 4pm, 7pm

Sunday, 8/30 @1pm, 4pm


Family Friendly

Masks Required 

Masks and Hand Sanitizer at the door

Assigned Seating for Audience Distancing

How to get your

TSF refund


If you reserved your tickets  through Long Lake Theater:
You will be contacted via phone regarding your refund.  A mailing address will be needed as the time-frame to refund through the Square service has expired, so a check will be mailed to you. You can also transfer funds or partial funds to get tickets to "A Socially Distanced Cabaret." 

If you purchased with cash or a check through Beagle and  Wolf:  

You may bring your physical tickets to Long Lake Theater on Saturdays (12noon-9pm) or Sundays (12noon-4pm) to get your check or cash back. No checks were cashed that were used to buy tickets.

If you ordered from an online Ticket Outlet through Tonic Sol-fa:

 You will need to directly contact the source you ordered through. 


TSF plans to come eventually.... 

just waiting for a safe time when BIGGER houses are allowed! 

Be Well.... and check out our

Socially Distanced Cabaret!

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to YOU for an incredibly warm welcome to Hubbard with our premiere production of "A Christmas Carol." With Sold Out houses, standing ovations and kind words of encouragement and good cheer, you overflowed our cup this holiday season. THANK YOU!  

Before the show...

                                                                                      ON TAP!


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