IT'S AUDITION TIME!  Hop on over to our "Auditions" Page or our "KIds Camps" to see what's coming to LLT this summer! 


Theater is a great place for EVERYONE!  Kids, teens, adults and seniors, get in touch with us to get on our email list to be the first to learn about auditions, classes, productions and volunteer opportunities! All great ways to be a part of the fun at Long Lake Theater.  If your talent is onstage or off, we appreciate you and what you have to offer.  GET INVOLVED and become part of a theater family that will be yours for a lifetime!!!  (Check out our "GET INVOLVED" page for ideas!)


Are you at least

"Half a Century Gold?"

*Used to sing, act, play music or dance, and now you think you're past your prime?

*Always loved going to the theater... always wish you would have tried being a part of it?

*Still an active actor, but feel like your roles are now limited?

LLT is starting a group, JUST FOR YOU!  We will perform all of the shows you love, but you can't be in them unless you are at least 50!  Gathering names now and planning to start once COVID-19 settles down. Get your name on our list and be a part of the fun!

We believe

treasures like you are golden!

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Before the show...

Get to the theater early to enjoy a glass of wine, a cold beer, and some light appetizers in our screen porch pub! Stay after to wind down, chat with your friends, grab a coffee and tasty dessert! (or another beer)

                                                                                      ON TAP!


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