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The Founder of Long Lake Theater

Long Lake Theater showcases a wide range of talented actors, directors, and musicians.


Bruce Bolton had always dreamed of managing a theater so when the opportunity arose to convert the former Hubbard Alliance Church into an intimate theater space, he jumped at it.  With the help of Mark Colbenson, who took the helm of Artistic Director from 2002-2004, the 'curtain rose' for the first time in June 2002, and  the lights have been shining ever since. Bruce, is indebted to  Mark for sharing his passion for theater and immense talent.

In late 2005, the theater complex expanded with the addition of a second performing stage built from.... you guessed it! Another church!  Built in the 1890's, it is probably one of the oldest buildings in town The United Methodist Church of Hubbard was slated for destruction until Bruce offered to move it next to Long Lake Theater. The church community generously raised funds to cover the moving costs to preserve this cherished structure.

The Landmark Theater opened in June 2008 as a cozy, 100-seat theater. We're thrilled to offer this additional stage for great family entertainment. We also wish to thank our loyal patrons who have so faithfully supported theater arts for these many years. Another huge thanks to the many diverse and talented actors, directors, stage managers and others who have shown equal dedication and charisma!

SPECIAL THANKS from the new owners to the founders

A very warm and special thanks to Bruce Bolton, Shannon Geisen, and their lovely daughters for creating and nurturing a beautiful space for stories, music, laughter, gathering, positive energy and community.  We are grateful for your leadership, and know that your energy will always remain within these walls, because without you, they would not be.  Thank you for trusting us, and guiding us as we begin our adventure here!  The spotlight will always shine in your honor.

Bruce Bolton founded Long Lake Theater and served as its Artistic/Managing Director from 2001-20019. 

Under New Ownership

"If you can dream it-You can do it."

-Walt Disney

In August of 2019, as the summer  season was looking at, its final show, hands were shaken, keys were passed, and new owners were given a warm welcome to the community by the beloved Bruce Bolton.  As he passed his theater into new hands, Todd & Pamela Russell knew they were being gifted with something very special. They too had created a theater group in the Minneapolis area and have been running it for nearly 20 years. They are very familiar with how important and precious this place is.  These parents of 5 amazing kids, wish to share their passion for music, theater, performing, education and  entertainment with the community.  They have together written and produced about  50 musicals and can't wait to share some of their audience favorites with you!  They are very excited to get youth involved on stage and to meet local actors and theater folks of all kinds.  The winter will be spent planning and creating a colorful, diverse menu of offerings for the  season to come, and  they are thrilled to take on another season of summer theater with an extension into fall and winter, ending with a bit of holiday cheer in December as their original

highly praised adaptation of 

"A Christmas Carol" takes the stage!

Business Partner: Hans Lillejord
Russell Children: Max, Gabe, Sophia, Sawyer, Adrian,  Gus the dog & Annie and Herman the cats

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