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Where have we been???

Long Lake Theater's main team, Todd, Pamela and Hans thank you for your concerns and questions!  Why the closure last year and late opening this year?

Last summer, we were in a financial recovery, still catching up from the damage of  COVID-19. We were struggling to keep up and needed some time to just focus on our day job work (finance and healthcare) to get caught up and put away some money to move forward with some much needed projects at the theater.  We've been around for a few years now and have learned what it's like to work in a space with little storage that needs so much bulky stuff to operate.  It was decided we need to put in a garage and we are currently getting started on that so we can organize the costumes, props, seasonal decor, Pam's vintage china collection etc.  As running shows isn't a big money generator, we decided we had to remain closed to save money to get on our feet again.  We had hoped some of these bigger projects would be finished by now... that are still in progress, including the rebuiding of the crossover bridge and improvements for handicap accessibility to our audience spaces.  There are also numerous things to work on within the inside of the property, and those will come as we are able to afford them.  So we're not running away from you.... quite the opposite!  We are working hard to make the space more efficient, organized, cleaner, safer and updated.  Thank you for your patience!

Pam also unfortunately ran into some health complications that landed her in the hospital several times this past year and we are still working on getting her all better. We are happily in the right direction, but again thank you for your patience as we took some personal time.

We've been improving the grounds outside.  Putting in flowers and hostas and trees and a garden. We'll keep working on that by adding at least one new surprise each summer.  We've changed out weathered, broken doors, are in the midst of repainting the first theater, and once we have the garage up, we'll do the back theater as well. A lot of change.... but all with positive forward thinking!

How can you help?  BUY TICKETS TO SHOWS!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT LLT!  Come on back and stick around to chat. We've missed you and look forward to getting those stage lights dusted off in July.

Warm Regards,
Todd, Pamela & Hans
Long Lake Theater

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